Monday, September 1, 2008

Rex Theatre


Anonymous said...

Listed in the 1950 Film Daily Yearbook...327 seats.

Dave said...

Kelly, what a great idea for a blog! I have a list of theaters that were once in Tampa and the surrounding areas (all of which you may already be familiar). I'll make a note to myself to send you a copy (probably tomorrow).

I have been thinking about putting together a post of drive-ins that used to be in Tampa for Screening Tampa, but it's sort of on the back burner right now.

Kelly said...

Hi Dave!

Thank you for your post!

I think a blog regarding the Drive-Ins is a great idea, as they were extremely popular from what I hear :)

Please do send me a copy of the list of theatres if you don't mind sharing. You can send it to

Thanks again!!

Nick D. said...

Hi Kelly,

What a fantastic site! Thanks so much for creating it. I had hoped someone would eventually create a site specifically for Tampa's old movie houses. I've seen several sites where other cities have created a webpage for their theaters of years ago but there's never been one for Tampa.

I've always loved old theaters, and having lived here all my life I'm familiar with several on your list. There are also a few I can recall that are not listed.

Question: is there a limit to the number of words one can place on a blog? I'd like to post some history/details on several theaters, and was just wondering if blogs should be kept to a minimum of words so as not to bore with too many details.


Kelly said...

Hi Nick,
Thank you so much for your post. There is not a limit at all, so please post as many comments as you would like and as much as you feel like contributing for each theatre. Also, please send me the theatres not yet on the list and I will be sure to add them ASAP.
Thank you again and I look forward to reading your stories!

akb1710 said...

Hi Kelly, I have a map of demolished historic buildings in tampa, and I have the Victory and maybe one more on there. However, if you could provide some addresses I could add the rest and note your blog as well. Here is the link to the map:


Anonymous said...

I like it very much!

Jordan said...

Thanks for having this!

Anonymous said...

My Dad managed the Alamo Dome hotel on Fortune & Franklin St in 1950. I was a real movie buff. Sometimes I would watch movies for 8-10 hours at a cost of 25 cents. I have often wandered about the history of the Alamo Dome Hotel and the others in the area prior to the 1940s. It was skidrow in the 40s & 50s. Billy Graham used to preach there.

Roy Bodden said...

My name is Roy Bodden. As a kid in Tampa in the late 1940’s, my brother, our friends and I would go to the Strand Theatre where we would see 5 cartoons, a Three stooges short (or similar short), the latest chapter of a serial and a western all for 15 cents. Pop corn was five cents, a coke was five cents. Then after all of that, we would head up to the Rex theatre where for 9 cents we would see 2 movies. And almost every time the time one of the movies was a Durango Kid film! And that is why I went to the Rex theatre because I loved the Durango Kid movies! So for all of 34 or 35 cents we saw all of these! Oh, those were the days! Now here I am in my early 80’s and I am watching the Durango Kid movies on YouTube! It’s almost like reliving my childhood! .

Kelly said...

Hi Roy! We'd love to discuss your movie-going experiences in Tampa! My email address is Thanks! Kelly