Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alcazar Theatre (Downtown)

Location: 606 North Franklin Street
Status: Demolished



1949 (Mangel's)

1949 (Mangel's)

1953 (Mangel's)

2009 (vacant lot)


Anonymous said...


The Alcazar had a very short run for showing movies, opening in 1916 and shutting down in 1921 as other newer and more elegant theatres opened. No details on the decor, seating capacity or architect. After closing it sat vacant until Mangel's Ladies Wear opened there in 1928; it remained there until 1978 when it closed. Not long after it was incorporated into the Maas Brothers Department store that takes up most of that block.

Maas Brothers closed this location in 1991 and the majority of the buildings on this block have been abandoned and not maintained since. Condemnation was approved in 2000 but little has happened since that time.

Contributed by Todd Frary

Kelly said...

From “ A Guide to Historic Tampa”…
606 North Franklin Street; On May 26th 1911 the Alcazar opened with a single screen and a Greek Revival entrance. It stopped showing movies in 1921, as more elegant modern theaters drew its patrons away. The building sat vacant until 1928, when Mangel’s Ladies Wear opened a store in it. It closed in 1978 and was soon absorbed into the Maas Brothers Department store. Maas closed in 1991 and the buildings were abandoned. The former Alcazar was condemned in 2000. By 2006 the razing of the entire city block was completed to make room for the construction of condominiums.

MartinGK said...

As of 2017 the address is a parking lot.