Saturday, August 30, 2008

Carver Theatre (West Tampa)

Location: 1605 North Boulevard
Status: Demolished

July 6, 1958

July 7, 1959


Anonymous said...

Listed in the 1950 Film Daily Yearbook.

Anonymous said...

this is the theater I was talking about being on North the end of Main Street in West Tampa not the Centro Espanol......

Kelly said...


The Carver Theater was a segregated theater located in the heart of the West Tampa black community. It was operating from 1949 until at least 1955. The building seems to have been demolished.

"I remember seeing this theatre years ago after it had been closed for some time. The front doors had been torn off and the buidling looked filthy. I heard it was a very nice theatre at one time but for whatever reason (maybe the location) not very many people frequented it and the loyal neighborhood audience never materialized. It was torn down years ago when Interstate 275 was built. The interstate runs right over the property."
"The theatre was located on North Boulevard about a block south of Main Street. Main Street dead ends at N. Boulevard so if you turned right from Main onto N. Boulevard the theatre was on the left side about a block down."
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